Trump Tweets "Apprentice" Low Ratings

The ratings are down, for the "new" celebrity edition of the Apprentice, and the President-Elect is not too happy, taking to Twitter to blast the ratings.

The other night, the clicking from my TV remote happened to stop at "the Apprentice," and my interest peeked. What would be host Arnold Schwarzenegger’s catchphrase to fire people?

In Schwarzenegger’s case, it’s “You’re terminated. Get to the chopper.”

Schwarzenegger, known on the show as “Governor,” replaces Donald Trump as host on the NBC reality series, now in its 14 season

But my intrigue watching the show, was also as a political reporter. I just had to see the closing credits of the show.

Sure enough, the name of the President-Elect, despite the controversy of doing so, the name of Donald Trump appears as an
Executive Producer of “The Apprentice.”

Like it or not, this all illustrates a new political day is upon us all, and buckle your seat belt for this historic ride.

For starters, it appears Obamacare is out, and Mr. Obama’s legacy is on the chopping block.

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