Preet was under allusion he had support of a new president

On the surface, dumping Preet Bharara is NOT an integrity issue, BUT 30 years of political reporting something just tells me that Preet being dumped, does not pass the smell test. In fairness to President Trump, at the beginning of any new presidential administration, it is tradition for all U.S. Attorneys to submit a letter of resignation. When the new President is from a different political party, in general, the only issue is when, NOT if, will that U.S. Attorney be replaced. In other words, almost all of the resignations will be eventually accepted.

Stated plainly, U.S Attorneys serve at the pleasure of the President. But here is what we know. Bharara is a wild card that cannot be controlled. Ask several politicians that are currently in jail, or are about to go to jail.

Perhaps President Trump is slapping the hand of senate minority leader Charles Schumer. (Bharara’s major political backer) OR, on a more cynical note, does Trump want someone as independent as Bharara (who I call Elliot Ness who brought down Al Capone) snooping around in his backyard? I mean that literally with all these Russia Questions. (And Trump Tower is smacked in the heart of Bharara’s Federal jurisdiction) Bharara knows how to leak and play the media game well. Perfect example. He refused to quit, and made the President fire him.

Of course the President and Bharara for that matter, have knowledge and information that we, the public does not. We may not ever be privy to such investigative information. Maybe, just maybe, that’s exactly why Bharara had to go.

Finally, I have interacted numerous times with Bharara. The former U.S Attorney is astute, quick on his feet, doesn't do much talking, but most importantly Bharara is a creature of the body politic. Bharara doing public good on corruption has made so many powerful enemies, that he had to know his ending was not going to be pretty. He just didn't know it would be so abruptly.

Bharara was under the allusion that he had the support of a new president. Sometimes politics can be just that, an allusion. Bharara just found that out the hard way.